A Sophisticated Fashion Statement to be Remembered

We all work hard to look our best at all times; some women manage to pull it off better than others. I know from previous experience that my comfort in jeans and a t-shirt was quickly changed to the latest fashion trends, expensive outfits that made the statement I wanted to make.

As you get older jeans and a t-shirt isn’t the way you want to be remembered, what you wear, how you look, how you carry yourself and your accessories are all such an important part of your daily routine before you step out of your front door where you can be seen by others.

While this may sound petty to some, some of us just enjoy looking our best, leaving home looking sophisticated and dressed in luxurious clothes and accessories is what makes us who we are, makes us feel special and helps us feel good about ourselves.

From the Hair Salon to the Nail Salon

While some women enjoy a day at the spa, mine is spent moving from the hair salon to the nail salon. My hair appointment is once every few weeks; this is to ensure its trimmed and the split ends don’t show and that all the grey that is sneaking its way onto my head is removed. By keeping my hair in excellent condition, I automatically feel better about myself and my appearance.

Now I know that they always say don’t take what you see in magazines to heart and believe me I don’t, but I still enjoy looking my best, I still enjoy wearing luxurious items, because I can afford them and I love looking sophisticated.

Which is why the nail salon is my next stop, this is also every few weeks to ensure my manicure is perfect so I can feel and look my best wherever I go, whether it’s a night out with the girls or a quiet romantic meal with my husband.

Clothes Shopping is a Treat

While I enjoy keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends, I enjoy putting my own stamp on my clothing; I let my own personality shine through by what I wear. As you age gracefully you enjoy feeling good about yourself, you have worked for so many years that buying expensive and luxurious items that make you feel good is well deserved.

While the latest fashion trends are good, I can’t see myself going out anywhere in a pair of leggings, I would rather buy a stunning pair of trousers which can be worn for any occasion or a stunning and elegant dress for the hotter summer days. I enjoy being my best at all times and while some may be comfortable in leggings, I find myself more comfortable with the finer clothing, things that compliment my body shape and make me look great all the time.


Accessories play a huge part in any wardrobe, from your shoes and handbag to your necklace, earrings and bracelets. I cannot stress this enough, a stunning and elegant pair of trousers with a cashmere V necked jumper and a beautiful string of pearls around my neck will look so much better than if I was to put a false silver necklace on.

I always buy any accessories according to my wardrobe, this way I know I will always have the right accessories to compliment anything I want to wear. My choice of shoes and bags is extensive to say the least, but I feel it’s important. Every woman loves shoes and bags and I’m no different.

When it comes to my jewellery I pick the luxury items, ones I know will look great with any of my outfits, ones I can wear out with the girls for dinner or to a business function.

Be Comfortable

If you enjoy luxurious items and clothing then there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy them, sometimes it may take some time to save up for them, but once you have them you will enjoy every minute you get to wear them. You need to not only look great, but it’s important you feel comfortable in what you wear and with luxurious items you will always feel on top of the world.

Orchira Pearl Jewellery is one of the many luxurious fashion accessories I choose to compliment my sophisticated and elegant wardrobe and to help me look my best for all occasions.