Stand Out Bridal Make-Up Looks for 2013

Jessica Biel recently made headlines as she debuted her wedding dress to People Magazine in October; a custom blush Giambattista Valli creation. It has left opinions divided, but many admired the daring clothing choice of Mrs. Timberlake. Like the wide number of parties and venues available, brides now want to match their sartorial statements to their personality, and make their celebration personal. So whether going for new style of outfit, or if you are planning on keeping your look traditional, there are ways to make your make-up unique for your big day. Here are three of the latest make-up ideas for next year’s brides:


It may sound contradictory, but one of the best ways to make a statement is by allowing your natural beauty to shine through. But don’t be fooled, a natural look can sometimes demand the most work, and the right balance of contouring and highlighting is difficult to perfect. Great products and preparation are key; study your facial features carefully, and decide what you wish to accentuate (and anything you might want to minimize) in advance. Then build the make-up slowly, in layers and do not stray too far away from your skin tone. Sweep some gel through your eyebrows and curl and add brown mascara to your eyelashes for the finishing touches. This look is most often associated with a light, summer ceremony with guests outside, but it’s a stunning choice for a confident bride to wear whatever the time of year.

Bold Lip

Shocking pinks, deep reds and vibrant plums are just some of the trends making their way down the catwalk. This pop of colour on many women’s favourite feature can give an all-white outfit just the lift it needs, or help tie different hues together. Just make sure to keep the rest of the face fairly neutral and let your smile do the talking. Use a lip liner that matches closely to your chosen colour of lipstick and apply as a base to prevent feathering. A fine brush also makes for a far more accurate application. A matte lip is more contemporary, and for a modern, high-fashion twist on this look, leave the liner and false lashes at home to create a dewy, fresh-faced complexion with a striking contrast.

Colourful Eyes

A smoky eye doesn’t have to be dark and moody, and you can stay away from black eye shadow without losing any of the drama. Embrace colour, choosing something that is different to the colour of your eyes to make them sparkle, or even bring more than one colour together. This effect can be a great but subtle way to match your bouquet or bridesmaids. Good quality brushes are so important here, and for a nod to the newly-emerging 70s make-up revival, pay attention the much-neglected inner corner and socket to make your eyes appear larger and wider.

Most importantly, for whatever make-up you choose for your walk down the aisle, remember to blend, blend, blend!

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