Staying Cool while Looking Hot This Summer

Women’s clothes are ever changing and clothing that you wore three years ago look dated and almost old-fashioned today. Women’s clothing styles change so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. Luckily, the summer trends for 2012 are not hard to find, and you probably have styles that fit the trends in your closet already, because the trendy styles of 2012 are varied and many of them take inspiration from past decades. Follow this guide to the latest summer trends to keep your wardrobe as hot as the weather.

Swim Suit Trends

Swim suits are always hot for summer, but in 2012, a woman has more options than ever. The ever-popular bikini is still popular this year. Keep your style fresh by color blocking your suit by wearing a different colored top and bottom. Nautical-inspired suits are also hugely popular for 2012, with stripes, dots, anchors, and traditional red, white, and blue storming the swim suit stage. If nautical isn’t your thing, try the summer’s popular floral pattern trend, or try a geometric trend if flowers make you sick. If you don’t want to wear a bikini, you can try a monokini, which is still as popular as ever. Retro-styled suits with high-waisted bottoms and full skirts are also popular this year.

Summer Dresses

Women’s dresses are always popular for summer, and this year is no exception. Dresses provide a cool way to stay chic even in the hottest weather. This year, dresses are popular in a variety of styles to suit everyone’s body and taste. Try a maxi dress for full coverage and a beachy look that is as cool as it is comfortable. Skater-style dresses and full skirts are back in a big way. Even ladies in the office can get in on the action with a pencil-skirt dress or peplum women’s dress that is as professional as it is fashionable.

Skirts are the New Shorts

While you can wear shorts in 2012, and if you do, high waisted shorts are the trendiest, skirts are more popular than they have been in decades. Today’s skirts are fuller, flirtier, and more colorful than ever. If you love the girly look, then you will love embracing the current trend of floating fabrics, twirly skater skirts, and floor-sweeping hemlines that instantly add sophistication to any outfit. Skirts don’t have to be formal either, dress yours down with a casual tee or tank to feel cool and comfortable without looking stuffy.

Trends in Tops

A variety of shirt styles are trendy in 2012. This summer, vintage styles rule the day, and this is most evident in the blouse and shirt styles coming off the runway. Looser, shorter tops are the most popular, with button down blouses with high collars also remaining high on the list. Button down blouses can be paired with everything from a classic pencil skirt to a pair of cut-off shorts for a variety of classic and vintage looks. Crop tops are also huge for 2012. If you have the confidence, wear yours without a layer underneath. If you want a little extra coverage, try adding a tank underneath for additional modesty.

Summer Accessorizing

In the summer, accessories often take a back door to other fashions, because layers of jewelry and heavy makeup is usually unpractical for hot weather. This summer, you have a variety of accessory options to choose from. Trendy shoes include wedges with high heels and platforms, espadrille-style flats, canvas and cloth shoes, and flat sandals in bright colors or with embellishments. Hats are also popular this year, with a variety of style options available. The floppy hat from the 1970s and the fedora from the 1940s are both extremely popular. It is even possible to buy a Victorian-style straw hat in a few select stores. Keep jewelry to a minimum to avoid looking overloaded.

If you follow these style suggestions for 2012, you will remain at the top of the fashion who’s who list. Remember that this year, the trendiest styles are all about vintage and retro styles that bring back memories of decades long past.

This is a guest post by Liz Conaty, part time blogger and full time fashionista. Liz currently represents a fantastic recourse for womens dress options and all types of womens clothing.