Style Tips On A Budget

There are countless ways to have fun. For many of us, it’s proving that clothes make the man (or woman), but prepping our plumage can really drain our coin purse. Fashionista’s needn’t despair, though. There are ways to maximize savings when decking out your wardrobe. Instead of compromise, turn to discount chains, wholesale fashion jewellery, and careful timing.

How To Do It

Don’t exceed your budget. It’s easy to be seduced into an abusive relationship with store credit. That love affair can bit you in the budget, though, when those high interest rates come to call. A good way to avoid that insanity is to shop with cash. If you only shop with what you have on your person (an amount you should decide on ahead of time), it’s easier to avoid temptation.


Don’t shop in season. When you want to buy a fabulous winter coat in December, you’re going to pay a premium. On the other hand, if you shop in spring, you’re going to get your fur or your down-filled puffiness at pennies on the dollar. Buy your bikinis in October and your snowboots in March.


Beware the “sale.” How often do you get a coupon in your mail slot or inbox? What a temptation! What a lure. Don’t get fooled, though. Coupons make you buy things you’d be just fine without (£500 sunglasses, for instance). Pass it up! Like grocery store coupons, they’re not really a reason to buy.


Hit your thrift stores! Oftentimes, we forget that the hottest fashions are often retro homages to the styles of the past. A spectacular way to save money and get ahead of the trendsetters is to hit your local thrift and consignment shops. It can be time consuming, but it’s totally worth it when everyone is asking you which designer made your one-of-a-kind blast from the chic past!


Take advantage of wholesale. Accessorizing is key to any outfit. Using jewellery, scarves, belts, and bags to set off an outfit is a hard-won skill. To minimize the impact on your back account, turn to wholesale fashion jewellery suppliers and discount chains like TJ Maxx or Kohl’s.


Follow these simple tips, and you’re sure to wind up with a killer wardrobe without depleting your resources. Follow Mom’s advice and take care of your clothes, and you’ll keep them until they’re no longer in fashion, rather than just worn out.

Eric Regan is a writer with a keen interest in travel, cars and technology. He has written for blogs covering all of these topics and much more