Is It Time for a Wardrobe Overhaul?

When it comes to shopping, most women don’t need any excuse to browse the shops, stocking up on the latest styles. However this type of shopping is usually impulsive with you buying a top here, skirt there and perhaps the odd piece of jewellery or pair of shoes from time to time. Although this kind of shopping is OK for adding items to your wardrobe, it’s hardly the way to reinvent yourself. So when do you know it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul? There are a number of key events in your life that will provide you with the perfect opportunity to rid yourself of old, faded,  ill-fitting or dated clothes in favour of a brand new style – here they are:

  • Going to university – with most students choosing to go away from home to university, it provides the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself. Give yourself a whole new look and none of your new friends will be any the wiser that you haven’t previously dressed this way.
  • Getting a new job – starting a new job is another key event in your life and allows you to restyle yourself to fit the part in your new career.
  • Loosing weight – we’d all love to say that our current clothes no longer fit us due to weight loss so take this opportunity to bin your current wardrobe and start again from scratch.
  • Having a baby – after you have a baby, its not uncommon for your body to change shape so this creates the opportunity to get yourself some new clothes to flatter your new figure. You may even find that your pre-baby clothes are no longer practical for your new lifestyle.
  • Reaching a landmark age – there comes a time when you simply can’t dress like you did in your teens or early twenties anymore. There are a number of different age milestones that require you to adapt your clothing to fit your lifestyle.
  • The end of a relationship – when a relationship comes to an end, some women feel that they need a new look to tackle their new life. Why not invest in a new wardrobe to get over the heartache.

Plus there is always the reason of ‘just because’ to overhaul your wardrobe and give yourself a brand new look.