Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

One of the most fun and challenging part of being a wedding guest is the selection of a proper dress. With so many dress options available, it can be confusing for anyone to select good wedding attire. Casual, semi-formal or a Ball Gown is some of the names that keep fluttering in our mind. If you are one of those who do not have much knowledge about fashion sense, it is always advisable to keep it simple and elegant. Here I have jotted down few easy fashion tips you can use as a wedding guest. Take a look.

Remember that fashion rules are different for different times of the day.

  • For an informal daytime you can go for a short dress. Do not opt for business attire unless it is a morning wedding.
  • For an informal evening, a knee length cocktail dress is a perfect option.  LBD (little black dress) is an outfit you can lay your hands on anytime. However, if you prefer to make it unconventional, you can opt for other dark colors as well. Maybe red or steel-grey can be your probable choice.
  • For semi-formal daytime, opt for short dress and suits.
  • For semi-formal evening, opt for cocktail dress.
  • For formal daytime, opt for short dress along with hats and gloves.
  • For formal evening, opt for long dresses with subtle accessory.

During the selection of the dress, it is advisable to consider certain factors. Here are some of these.

  1. Avoid wearing white as the bride will also wear a white gown. This is sign of a good etiquette and not any fashion rule. You can go for other colors based upon your complexion and style.
  2. Do not wear a black gown during the daytime. Also, try to avoid any flashy accessory.
  3. Often in the lookout of unique colors, people end up wearing colors that do not suit them. Do not do this. It is perfectly fine to wear the same colors as other guests or bridesmaids.
  4. If you want to style your outfit differently, go for printable embroidery patterns. There are plenty of amazing designs available in embroidery. You can choose these to make your outfit stand out from the rest.
  5. Wear according to the occasion. In the process of looking attractive and stylish, do not opt for overtly unusual clothing. It is advisable to wear something that is feminine and appropriate.
  6. Make sure that you do not wear arm length gloves without proper mixing and matching. Do not take off the gloves while you eat or drink. Remember, it is a sign of bad etiquette.
  7. In case there is no mention of the formality of the wedding, it is advisable to dress sensibly. For daytime, you can choose pastel shades for a floral dress. For evening, a black dress is perfect.
  8. In case of a casual wedding, it is advisable to opt for a pretty sundress. This will look good especially in beach weddings. Do not wear anything sloppy like jeans and shorts.

For summer outdoor wedding, follow these guidelines. These tips will help you look good from head to toe.

  • Opt for clothing made of natural fibers. Cotton is preferably the best fabric.
  • Do not try to fight sweat by a thick layer of powder. Instead, use blotting papers. Many renowned cosmetic companies sell blotting papers. Opt for these. In case you do not want to spend much, you can go for lesser-known brands.
  • Do not opt for stilettos. Remember that you will not be able to walk comfortably with them. Instead, opt for wedges. Wedge heels are more comfortable and will prevent you from tripping down.