Women’s Essential Accessories

Although your actual clothes will make up the majority of an outfit it is the accessories that actually pull an outfit together and make you stand out in a crowd. Whatever, you’re wearing and however much it cost, the likelihood is that if someone picks up on something that you’re wearing, it will be something about your accessories.
So, because not only are accessories important, but they’re becoming more and more important every day here are a few accessories that every woman must have.
o    The first thing you must have is a pearl necklace; they’re classic and will never get old and they go with anything. A pearl necklace is something you can wear with your favourite chunky cardigan or you could wear it on your wedding day and it won’t look out of place so a pearl necklace really is an accessory that you can’t do without.
o    A black leather belt – or brown if that’s more your colour – is another necessity. Leather has a certain air of sophistication about it and therefore makes it really easy to dress up even the most casual of outfits.
o    The summer essential is a floppy hat, as not only will it keep you cool and protect you from the sun, it also makes any shorts and t-shirt combo look great.

o    Opaque tights – the one thing that no woman can do without. They keep you warm in the winter and there a life saver when you haven’t been for a spray tan and you don’t fancy blinding people with your milky white legs.
o    Your one piece of statement jewellery should be a necklace; whether it’s something that’s big and bold that you’ll wear with your favourite outfit or it’s something that’s small and dainty that you’ll wear with everything, you can’t go through life without a statement necklace.
o    Next is a leather handbag – the choice of colour is up to you. Even people who don’t use handbags often all have a classic leather that they can call on when they need to. If you buy a bag that’s black, brown or navy then it’ll go well with most outfits and they’re great for holding all your everyday essentials.
o    A pair of sunglasses is essential for women all year round. It doesn’t matter whether they’re prescription shades or a fashion statement, just make sure they can be worn with any outfit all year long.
o    Finally, the thing that completes every outfit is a classic timepiece; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a fashion guru or follow your own style, a great watch is essential. When it comes to watches, you should be willing to spend a little more on them as they’ll be a companion for life.

Emily Rowlins loves her accessories; her most prized possession is her Citizen watch from nigelohara.com