Women’s Fashion Changes Over Time

Denim has had major success in the world of women’s fashion. Though denim had been used for years in casual clothing, it gained popularity in the 70s when designs became more appealing to the mass market. Jeans were a major hit especially with hippies. Since then, women have worn jeans in various designs and styles.

Back then jeans came in bright colors and crazy designs. Levi 501’s were perhaps the most popular jeans brand ever and almost every one with a fashion sense had a pair of these in the 80s. Though the designs have changed, the colors are the one thing that many thought would have never returned. But as fashion is always going back to its roots, colored jeans are now back and in vogue. Besides colored jeans, another fashion that has made a major comeback in the past few years is ripped jeans. These were also quite popular in the 80s along with stone washed jeans. Though colors may now be more vibrant than ever, there is still nothing more popular in women’s fashion than blue jeans which come in different shades and styles.

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