The Best Women’s Swiss Watches of 2012

It ought to really be an obligation for all women intending to look elegant to wear a watch. Timepieces are the epitome of class and a prime indication of style. This year has seen a number of delightful models for women, and in the midst of all the finery, were a few timeless classics (no pun intended).

Chanel J12 Gem-Set

The Chanel J12 is a truly beautiful watch and one that you’d imagine to see resting gracefully on the arms of Kate Hudson or some other supremely chicly dressed celeb.

The 18K white gold version, in white high-tech ceramic is the best of the J12 models. The bezel’s set with 36 baguette cut, blue 0.6 carat sapphires, and has a dial with diamond indicators.

This particular Chanel J12 is easily amongst the best women’s watches of the year and the epitome of the Chanel’s 2012 collection.

Chopard Imperiale

Chopard describe themselves as trendy but timeless and the Imperiale provides the best demonstration of this justifiable claim. Exuding an aura of ageless class and distinction the Imperiale screams sophistication.

The best model of the range comes in yellow gold with a black leather strap.

It boasts quartz chronograph movement and a design that rivals Chanel’s J12, if not bettering it.

Omega De Ville Ladymatic

Omega watches are distinctively bold and loud, without losing their sophistication. The De Ville Ladymatic is exceptionally loud; however this is in a good way. This is a watch that demands attention and it most certainly will gain a great amount of gazers.

With precious stone surrounded by rose gold, encircling the dial, the Ladymatic is luminously attractive.

The white leather strapped version is the most beautiful, with the colour blending perfectly with the gold and diamonds.

Chopard Happy Sport Mini

Another Chopard piece may seem rather bias but the Sport Mini can by no means be justifiably exempt from this list. With this year being that of the London 2012 Olympics, sport has infiltrated itself into many segments of fashion.

The Sport Mini is probably the best example of how sport has converged with timepieces and the most sufficient demonstration of how this combination can be aesthetically delightful.

With beautiful coquettish floating diamonds under the dial between two sapphire crystals, the Sport Mini is a certified classic, and a piece most fitting for any age – Olympic year or not. In fact, this is undeniably the watch of the year, with the wearer being able to stand out, yet look elegant and even demurring.

Becca Jones is a Central Saint Martins University Fashion degree graduate and British fashion blogger