A New Look For the Plait – Fishtail Braids


By now you will probably have seen someone with a fishtail style braid. These look very elaborate and time consuming, hence their glamorous nature, but in reality they are very simple to create. Follow these simple steps to achieve the look yourself.

  1. Brush and detangle your hair. Ideally it will not be newly washed as this can cause the fishtail braid to drop out of your hair.
  2. Create a centre parting and divide your hair into two sections at the back.
  3. Take a small outer section of one of the sections, cross it over the other section and add it to the inside. This piece now becomes part of the other side.
  4. Now take a small section from the other side and do the same, crossing it over the other and adding the section to the inside. Make sure you keep all sections tight for an elegant look.
  5.  Keep making the crosses and adding them to the inside of the other section all the way down your hair. The smaller you make the sections you cross, the more elaborate your fishtail braid will look.
  6. Finish the fishtail around two inches from the bottom of your hair and secure with an elastic hair band. Spray all over with a firm hold hairspray to keep it in place throughout the day.

You can vary the style of your fishtail braid by adding pieces of ribbon or colourful hair extensions to create the desired effect. This hairstyle is really versatile, suiting a day at the office, lunch out with the girls or a special occasion.