An Introduction to Clip in Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are a bit like Marmite – you either love them or hate them. They have been around for years and they are just as popular as ever with the celebs but they are expensive to put in and can cause damage to your hair – right? Well actually you might be mistaken in jumping to this conclusion these days. Once upon a time glue-in hair extensions might well have taken hours to put in, caused damage to your natural hair and discomfort to your scalp and cost you the earth for the privilege but today there are more temporary versions in the form of clip in hair extensions. Here’s a bit more about them.

What are they?
Clip in hair extensions are a temporary way to add length, volume or both to your hair. They are easily applied using special hair clips which feature good grips and can be cut to length to allow you to create the desired look. They can also be coloured (professionally is best) to blend perfectly with your natural hair. Plus thanks to the removable nature of them, they are much easier to wash, dry and style than your own hair too.

What types are available?
Clip in hair extensions come in a range of different types. You can choose extensions made from either synthetic or natural hair – don’t worry the hair is thoroughly cleaned, processed and dyed prior to you getting it. Clip in hair extensions are most commonly sold by weight, weighing anywhere from 120g to 180g depending on the type you buy. They may also have names such as quad-weft, demi-weft or full-weft too which relates to coverage. These types of hair extensions come in a wide variety of colours, depending on the brand you buy.

How do I wear them?
So now you know what they are and how to buy them, it’s time to take a look at how to wear them. The easiest way is to divide your hair into two sections, the underneath and the top. Clip the hair extensions to the top of the underneath section securely and then place the top section of your hair over the top to cover the clips. This will give you long, loose hair which is natural looking. If you want to tie your hair up whilst wearing clip in hair extensions, you need to clip in place in the same manner but with the clips upside down. This will ensure that the hair is in the right place, and the clips hidden, for a bun, pony tail, braids or any other style you are trying to achieve. With a little practice, you should be able to wear your clip in hair extensions in the same ways as you can your natural hair.

Being so easy to put in and take out, and a lot longer lasting than many glue-in varieties of hair extensions, they will give you a great new look for the coming season.