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Why Do We Cut Our Hair When We End a Relationship?

  • 19
  • Nov 2016
Posted By , In Hair

I’ve seen many of my friends go out with guys for months or even years at a time. Each relationship is completely different and each of my friends is unique in their own special way but after one of my friends recently split up with their long-term partner I noticed a pattern in their new found singledom – the first thing each of my friends does is get a brand new hair style. Then it occurred to me that in the past I have done exactly the same thing. It got me thinking about why we do this.


The answer is simple – it’s a way for us to take control of our lives and reinvent ourselves.

For people that have been in a long term relationship, their new hairstyle is often a complete change for them. I’ve seen friends go from ultra long locks to short bobs and those that started off with short hair styles get a whole new colour, from brown to blonde and even in one case pink!

Those who have been in more short-term relationships don’t tend to opt for such drastic styles with perhaps a few inches off the length, a subtle new colouring or highlights added.

Whatever the reason behind all these changes, I think a brand new hairstyle can feel liberating, whether it is is triggered by the end of the relationship, the end of a job or for some other reason. For those looking to reinvent themselves this spring, why not go for one of the latest looks when it comes to hair Рlong, naturally wavy locks. For those with long hair already, a simple twirl of the curling tongs will suffice whilst those with shorter hair might want to consider the benefits of clip-in extensions.

Image Credit: Love Maegan

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