Hair Trends for 2013

Now in 2013 we can’t wait for a change and the hair trends on offer for this year seem set to give us the lift we need. The catwalks have been full of all sorts of hair styles, cuts and shapes and there is plenty of extravagance to get us in the mood for 2013.

There are a number of great styles, takes on the old and also hair accessories, as well as this expect braiding to return and there also to be a touch of the 90s. So, let’s take a closer look at the hairstyles that will define 2013.

Slicked Back

The whole wet look is back though to a less extreme level than it was last year. The look is glossy, sleek and we’ve seen a lot of styles parted around the crown. There have been numerous takes on this style on the cat walk, though most are more practical for wear than last year’s extremely wet looks.


The knot is also up there and we saw it a lot at fashion weeks recently, with Ralph Lauren really showcasing it to the fullest. There has been a lot of playing around with this style recently and it could be very central to high street styles over the next 12 months or so. The ballet bun will be very popular, as will the classic double knot.

Pony Tail

Low pony tails are a very elegant hair trend and we can expect to see plenty in the coming period. The low pony tail is positioned low on the hair around the nape and this helps lengthen the look of the pony tail. It can look great tied with an elegant piece of ribbon or even a wide hairband and looks great either around the face to frame it or tucked in behind the tops of the ears. The pony tail looks great with everything from attractive blazers to long attractive pearl earrings.

The Waves

The wave is back and so are the 90s to boot. The whole early 90s grunge style is everywhere in 2012 and will see the return of the wave. The whole I don’t care aspect loose hair thing has arrived and creates a natural look – albeit one that takes a while to prepare.

Hair Accessories

The hair accessory is last and not in any way least on our list and there are a number of popular additions. From neon bands, to oversized flowers and extravagant pieces, the accessory will excite in 2013, looks chic and also gives your hair a little bit of extra flair and is one of the most exciting trends for 2013.