How to look Hot Despite Hair Loss

hair loss women 1Most  women cannot imagine living the house without their hair done. Any visable hair loss when combing their hair usually results in throwing a few tantrums.
There are several do’s and don’ts that one needs to undertake in order to remain as beautiful and as confident during this period.  Here’s what you have to do.

  • Consult a good stylist who will accentuate your good features
  • Get an appointment with a dermatologist or hair specialist to advice you on the next course of action

During the treatment prescribed by your dermatologist, here are some hair loss products to use and advice to follow in order to mask it.

Use Spray-On Hair
This is a hair loss product that contains small  hair fibers that resemble hair follicles. Choose the correct hair shade of the spray that suits your hair and skin tone, or dye your hair in a matching nuance.  If you don’t do this it will make the hair loss even more obvious. There is a variety of products in the market with different ingredients from iron oxides to keratins.

Use a Wig Made of Human Hair
One thing about this type of wigs is that they don’t come cheap. When you buy them it also means that you will have to visit your stylist frequently to keep the hair looking natural. It will enhance your self confidence.

Don’t use Hair Extensions
They are a no-no for anyone with hair loss. They offer length whereas you need your loss covered or resolved. They are a waste of money that could otherwise be used to have a stylist work on the length and color of the remaining hair.

Lighten up your Hair
Hair loss is less visible when you are all colored up. Avoid combing as they are difficult to maintain.

Surgical Intervention
Hair grafting  when done by a specialist does offer spectacular results.You need to go to the right specialist as these procedures are pricy. The beauty of this approach  is that it can act as a hair thickening procedure.

Get a Professional Hair Cut
This is important especially for men because you get a style that ensures your hair looks fuller. Don’t keep your hair long when you experience hair loss as this will highlight it.