Keeping Your Fabulous Party Hairstyle for Longer

There is nothing worse than creating that perfect hair do for the Christmas party and it not lasting.  Whether you are going for the tussled curls, the perfect sleek look or the fabulous up-do, here are some tips that will help you keep your style for longer.

Whats the condition of your hair?

The biggest factor is in what state is your hair before you attempt your creation. You will find that if you have just washed your hair and trying to create curls or an up-do, it will not last as long. A helpful tip is to wash your hair the night before! Hair is at its best when it has a bit of natural oil that has been built up……don’t worry if it is not freshly washed!!

If you are going for the sleek locks, then wash and blow-dry your hair straight, don’t worry if it is not dead straight as you can run your straighteners over your hair before going out.

Don’t put to much product in your hair!

Avoid putting in too much product before you style your hair as this can make the hair go crispy when using heated styling equipment and dry the hair out, leaving it feeling really dry and not looking its best.

A top tip here is if you have been to the hairdressers and then need to have a bath before you go out, this if fine, however, you must remember to put the COLD water in first and then the hot water. This will eliminate the majority of the steam that is produced, therefore stopping the hair from dropping. Hair will drop when it is in an environment with a lot of humidity!!

Find a silk scarf – that’s my top tip

When you have created your style, the worse thing is that when you are getting ready and your outfit has to go over your head, is that you pull it all out of place and then having to fix it ready to go out. Stop and find a silk scarf!!!! Place the scarf over  your hair and your face, it will stop the clothes pulling at the hair and also stops any make-up rubbing off onto your clothes……a bonus especially when wearing white and also your favourite “Little Black Dress” we all have in our wardrobes.  It sounds silly but trust me it works!!

Once ready for your big night it is time to give your hair the final spray of hairspray. Put a clean towel or tea-towel around your shoulders first, this will stop the hairspray from tarnishing your party outfit!  Once you have done this you are ready to go, not forgetting the mini can of spray in your bag!!!

After party hair rescue

A little note on the after party hair rescue. When you have finished partying the night away and arrive home in the early hours, do NOTHING with your hair, just leave it! If you have had it up and have pins and grips holding it in place then just remove these. DO NOT try to brush or comb your hair…..this will damage the hair, creating split ends and breakage! Leave it until the morning; wash your hair shampooing twice with a good portion of conditioner and leave this on for at least 5m minutes. Rinse the conditioner of and pop a bit of serum or rescue remedy into your hair.