Moroccan, Argan and now Diamond Oil – What’s All the Hype About?

argan_tree_seedsOver the last two years, there has been huge hype surrounding deeply conditioning  hair oils. However with high price tags, are these products really worth all the hype and should you be recommending them to your customers, or using them yourself.

Moroccan Oil
Moroccan oil is made from kernels of the argan tree fruit which grows almost exclusively in Morocco. It is a very rare tree, requiring specific growing conditions and the process to create the oil is quite complex. It involves the pulp being removed, the nuts dried in the sun and then they are cracked open to remove the seeds. These are roasted, ground into a thick paste with water and then hand-squeezed to extract the oil. It is these factors that push the price tag ever upwards for Moroccan oil. Moroccan oil is full of fatty acids which make a great moisturiser for the hair whilst rich in vitamin E, it helps to condition the hair too.

Argan Oil
Argan oil is essentially exactly the same as Moroccan oil – sourced and handmade in much the same fashion from the same trees. As such, it offers the same moisturising and conditioning benefits to Moroccan oil – and the same high price tag.

Diamond Oil
Diamond oil is a product that has recently been released by Redken. As well as providing moisturising and conditioning properties, it also helps to strengthen the hair, leaving it looking smoother and shinier. Diamond oil is made from a blend of coriander oil, apricot oils and sunflower oil – all of which are much more readily available ingredients which do not remove as much hand production as the other two types of oil mentioned above. As a result, the cost of Diamond Oil is lower than that of Argan or Moroccan oil whilst offering similar benefits.

The choice of which oil to use usually comes down to the price of each with customers choosing which is most affordable for them. Other cheaper options for achieving hydrated, shinier hair include coconut oil which will also give that subtle, distinctive smell.