New Product in the Spotlight – Hair Chalk

When it comes to colouring your hair, there is now a whole new way of adding a splash of vibrant colour without the permanency of long-lasting hair dye. A number of beauty brands have recently released hair chalk ranges which offer bold colours and are easily washed out. I’ve recently tried some out and think they’re a brilliant way for adding colour to your hair for a party or other fun event so here are some tips for how to use them to achieve a great look for summer:

hair chalk

What are Hair Chalks?
Hair chalking has been around for a number of years but previously people have used artist chalks to achieve the look. However with a number of health issues linked to their use in this way, it was only a matter of time before the big hair brands released their own specially designed chalks, fit for temporary hair colour.

How to Apply Hair Chalk?
Hair chalk looks very similar to the type of chalk that you would use on the pavement as a child. There are a number of ways to apply them. If you have fair or blonde hair, it’s best to apply hair chalk to dry hair. Simply choose a section of hair you would like to colour and rub it with the chalk until the desired depth of colour is achieved. If you have brown or black hair, you may need to apply water to your hair to get the colour to the desired coverage. Again, simply rub the chalk onto the wet hair to apply it. Please be warned that if you apply hair chalk to blonde hair whilst wet, the chalk may actually stain your hair, giving a longer lasting effect that may take a long time to wash out. You need to cover your clothing before you begin applying the chalk and once finished, give your hair a light brush to remove any excess powder. Always remember to read the instructions that come with your hair chalks as usage may vary between brand.


Styles to Try
The possibilities are limitless when it comes to applying hair chalk but the hot colours of the season are purple and pink, giving you a really feminine look. Try a combination of coloured stripes in your hair prior to doing a fishtail braid for a great effect. Alternatively, why not try just colouring a few ends of your hair before tying up into a messy bun.