How Two Sisters Stormed The Hair Style Market

When Manic Panic hair dye first became available it was in a small New York boutique, which was actually the first punk and rock boutique in America, run by the two sisters Tish and Snooky. The pair began their career in the original line up of Blondie but ended up on a different path, changing their career and opening their own shop. However, they still enjoy performing and even today still do so at a local venue.

Their rock and roll style is what led to the creation of this brand and it is one of the reasons they became so popular. There are also many other reasons why they are so popular, but because they really seem like they believe in what they are selling to their customers, it seems that many are so much more inclined to buy from them than from anywhere else.

The popularity Manic Panic hair dye has received has taken once local company all over the world, transforming them in to a multimillion dollar international business. They are currently selling in Japan, Australia, America, UK, Germany and many more countries, becoming one of the top in the industry, which is testament to the amount of effort these two have put in. Using their own products themselves, most pictures of them will show them with their own brand of vibrant hair dye on their hair, and we can easily say that the love they have for their own products has helped contribute to their success.

Additionally, Manic Panic hair dye has been created with safe substances, not harmful chemicals. This means that no matter what colour an individual wants to use, they don’t need to worry about it damaging their hair. This also means that their customers can use their hair dye on numerous occasions without fearing permanent damage to their hair or skin.

On top of this, their products have also been created with vegan friendly ingredients, which ensure that anyone can use it. The two sisters are both very against animal cruelty, and whilst they stop their products from being harmful or being tested on animals, they also hold events and donate to charity. With their morals firmly behind their work, their customers can definitely trust them and their products.

The brand of Manic Panic hair dye has been around for over three decades now, with the only thing that has changed being that it is bigger, brighter and stronger than ever. The essence that first boutique had is still there and Tish and Snooky are both still the managers of the company. They should be admired, as even with the hard times that the industry has thrown their way they have still been able to become a driving force in the fashion industry, and they still retain many loyal customers.