The Best Way to Grow Out Hair Dye


At the time, dying your hair for whatever reason might have seemed like a good idea. But sometimes it just doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped, especially if you’re dying your hair yourself at home. Rarely does the colour look as good as it does on the model on the box and occasionally due to your hair condition, you might even end up with a completely different shade. If you’re not happy with the look, there are basically two options available: getting your hair totally re-dyed, which can cause more damage to your hair or grow the dye out which gives a better end result but takes much longer.

When it comes to growing out hair dye, you can choose to go ‘cold turkey’ and simply leave your hair to grow. However if your natural hair colour is significantly different to your dye, you will end up with contrasting roots which will gradually move down your hair as it grows. This isn’t a great look.

A more stylish option is to wait until you start to see re-growth go to a hairdresser and ask them to but highlights or low lights into your hair which are the same colour as your natural look. This will help break-up the colour of your dyed hair and start to blend the two colours together. Around eight weeks later, you will have more roots appear so again go to your hairdresser and get more sections of colour put into your hair. Although you will still have some re-growth for the time it takes to complete growing out your hair colour, it’s not as obvious as the ‘cold turkey’ method.

You can speed up the process by getting your hair cut on a regular basis too. This will help speed up hair growth and leave your hair looking healthier. A jaw-length bob is a timeless style which suits most age groups and can help to speed up the process of growing out your hair dye.