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How to Fake a Natural Looking Tan

With the summer just around the corner, you may be considering how to get your pasty white body looking beautifully sun-kissed after the cold winter months. There are a number of ways of doing this. Firstly, yo

How to use Social Media to Gain New Customers

How to use Social Media to Gain New Customers There is nothing worse for the morale or the turnover of a salon than a lack of customers. Once upon a time, customers would have been passers-by on their way home from

Give Your Salon a Hot New Look for Summer

No doubt the trends that you see in your salon are very seasonal, well the world of interior design is very seasonal too. It is therefore important to giv

How To Make Your Salon Stand Out On The Street

In some areas there is a high concentration of beauty salons, hair dressers and nail bars which means that competition is fierce. With clients relatively loyal and retu

How to price your beauty salon treatment

So you have completed you’re training and now its time to setup your salon or start your mobile therapy business. Undoubtidly one of the questions on your lips will be &

How To: Water Marbling Nail Art

Marbled nails look fabulous and the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga are big fans of this type of nail art. The look is quite advanced and does require

Rise And Shine – And Feeling Fine

Do you hit and re-hit the snooze button, until eventually dragging yourself out of bed, then shuffling off to the coffee machine, perhaps grumbling a few monosyllables to anyone who dares try spe

How to remove blackheads naturally in 10 minutes:

Blackheads are a common problem that a lot of people face….. the most prone area’s is the ‘t’ zone of the face. Although scrubbing the skin is an excellent

Boost your Client Base

Boost your client base with some great marketing ideas you may not have thought about. 1- Get a web site. How many times have to needed a service so decided to look online at company’s websites? I know I do al

How to make your own hand sanitizer:

Hand sanitizers are an essential part or the beginning of any treatment on a client. I am about to show the such an easy way to make your own hand sanitizer. Some commercial hand sanitizers can leave the han

Keeping Abreast of the Competition

The world of salon treatments whether haircuts, manicures or anything else, is a fast moving industry. It is driven by a careful balance of the service

How to make your own dry shampoo

Sick and tired of having to go through the ordeal or washing and blow-drying your hair every other day? Sometimes time is short, especially if you are too busy bea

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