5 Things To Bring A Beach Look To The City

You are living in a crowded city and it is summer time. You long to escape to the beach far away from the concrete jungle, but you have to stay in the city due to work commitments. What can you do? You can bring a sense of the beach to the city to make your day a bit better. The way to do so is with the right accessories that spell beach.
1. Bring the Feel of the Beach Home
Why do people go to the beach? People flock to the beach for the fresh air and the open space, apart from the water. These three combined give people a sense of freedom that is truly rejuvenating. You can try and inculcate that sense of fresh air, open spaces, and a large body of water just by changing your living space and accessories. Try and place paintings of waterfalls or water lilies, etc. with a Mediterranean touch of green and azure blue. Open up your windows and doors to bring in the outdoors. If you are lucky enough to have a terrace, place lovely plants around the perimeter, and use it like a patio. Just arrange a sitting area to enjoy the fresh air in the mornings and evenings. You can even keep an inflatable tub or pool to enjoy your own private roof top pool.
2. Summer beach clothes
You can wear bright summer clothes, tank tops, shorts, minis, light cotton tops with spaghetti straps, and so on to enjoy the summer and bring a sense of being on the beach. Sport a short summer hair style to enjoy the freedom of feeling the sun on the nape of your neck. Short sun dresses in bright floral prints, with flirty little ruffles are a surefire way to bring the beach to your city life.
3. Open Footwear
For personal accessories to bring you the sense of summer and the beach, you can wear open footwear like espadrilles, gladiators, sandals, and flip flops, even if you have to change into winter boots when you have to step out.
4. Bags
Use a bright beach bag instead of your usual leather satchel for your laptop and other essentials.
5. Other accessories
Other ways to bring in the summer and a sense of being on the beach are dark sunglasses. No beach look is complete without a good pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes from the harsh light. You have to get a huge straw hat for the beach look. A straw hat, along with a straw bag makes for a statement. Armed with a big beach bag, coolers, hat, and footwear, you can live life in the city as if you are on a beach holiday!

Carla is a lifestyle blogger specialising in fashion and beauty. She has written numerous posts on various online and offline publications. Aside from blogging, Carla loves spending time as a beach and has a little weakness for monokinis and tankinis, which she loves trying and of course buying