5 Ways To Become The Center Of Attention At Every Party

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When it comes to parties, there are always the people who stay somewhat hush-hush, the people who mingle and then there are the people who steal the spotlight. Stealing the spotlight is not always a good thing though. In order to stand out from the crowd at a party and be the center of attention in a good way, there are several tips party goers should cling to.

Tip 1: Wear Bright Colors

Wearing bright colors does not necessarily mean one has to look like a clown; however, bright colors will do the trick at catching the attention of other people at a party. When going to a party, it is best to wear a bright color that compliments skin color. For women, wear bright colored makeup around the eyes too, but make sure the lips, eyes nor cheeks are overdone.

Tip 2: Always Smile

A person’s smile is many times his or her most flattering fashion accessory. When a person constantly wears a smile, this shows other people at the party that he or she is confident with him or herself. Also, smiling is contagious. People want to be around people who smile because it makes them want to smile and it makes them feel happy. A person most definitely will not be the center of attention in a good way if he or she is sulking the whole time at the party.

Tip 3: Be Funny

By developing a good sense of humor, a person will be able to laugh at him or herself. In doing so, it will show other people that the person is comfortable with his or her shortcomings. Party goers love hearing jokes. By cracking a good joke every once in a while at a party, a person is sure to steal all kinds of positive attention. The exact type of jokes that should be told is determined by the type of party a person is attending as well as by the people that are there. For example, if it is a religious event or a young person’s birthday party, then it is probably best to steer clear of crude jokes.

Tip 4: Enter with a Bang

Making a big entrance to a party is a great way to steal everyone’s attention. It is always best to enter with a huge grin on the face as well as a waving hand. With bright clothes and a contagious smile, it will be simple to quickly become the center of attention.

Tip 5: Talk Loud

Just a because a person talks loud does not mean he or she sounds annoying. Developing a loud, distinct voice is a great way to make sure everyone at a party is hearing what is being said. In fact, with an infectious voice, people will be sure to move closer and closer to where the sound is coming from, ensuring that being the center of attention is well accomplished.

So, there it is. Five excellent ways to become the center of attention no matter the type of party being attended.

Kristin Foster is a preschool teacher and part of her job is to become and stay the center of attention. Kristin enjoys writing about education and children and is also a contributor to How Do I Become A … ?, a terrific place to find out more about careers.