Boost your Client Base

NailsBoost your client base with some great marketing ideas you may not have thought about.

1- Get a web site. How many times have to needed a service so decided to look online at company’s websites? I know I do all the time. So it’s likely your clients will also do the same thing. There are some great company’s out there that can set up your web site for you, this can contain all your treatment prices and information, contact details, your qualifications, you can ever post reviews and pictures on there, great source of information for your client.

2- Social media. We all have a Facebook or twitter account these days so make the most of it. Create a Facebook page for your business, add your friends they can then add their friend. Post updates of special offers, pictures of work you have done, you will be amazed how much extra revenue you could achieve.

3- Residential homes. Most residential homes provide services for residents that are not covered in their monthly fees these often include hairdressing, chiropodist and a manicurist. Do a bit of cold calling to your local residential home to see if this is something they would be interested in, I could be just a file and polish, to full manicure or even just a relaxing hand treatment. You will likely need a CRB check (Criminal Records Bureau) which is chargeable however often the home will cover this at their end! Why not go once a month for a few hours in the morning providing treatments, this could be a great source of extra income while giving great company to the residents!

4- Mums. Go along to play groups or the local baby café, mums with small children are ideal for mobile treatments they can get their nails done while the baby is asleep!

5- Loyalty cards. A repeat client is the best type of business you can get; they are often very loyal and will regular keep up to their appointments. So make it worth their while, it could be book 6 treatments for the price of 5 or simply a discount after their 6 treatment with you!

6- Gift voucher. If your mobile or work from home don’t think vouchers are used only for beauty salons they can be great for you as well. Vouchers are great source of income especially around Christmas, ideal for your regular clients to treat their friends or family. Just ensure you put an expiry date on them I would usually say 6 months is a good length.

7- Free websites. Place adds on gumtree, freeindex, yourlocal ,viva street, these website offer advertising free for your business. It’s a great way of reaching a larger market area, just ensure not to post your personal details or house address, use your business phone and email and ensure you speak to all bookings before going.