How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Having shoes that complement your wedding dress or the groom’s suit is something no couple should underestimate on their wedding day. Don’t just pick your wedding day shoes based on seeing a celebrity, family member or friend wear them at their own wedding. Everything must blend together beautifully, reflect your personality and tie in with the theme of the wedding. It’s not a bad idea if the two of you go wedding shoe shopping together. But before you do read this guide to help you make the right decision.


The guide for the bride’s wedding shoes comes first because it’s the most important of the two. The wedding dress should be taken into consideration before any purchase is made. If you’re wearing a long and flowing dress make sure the heels are not too long so you don’t trip. If you’re wearing a low dress check out the shoes and dress together in the mirror and ensure that it fits the style of your dress before you buy. Should you take your wedding dress along to the shoes store? There are no laws against that.

Colour is another thing you should pay close attention to when purchasing your shoe. Since most wedding dresses are white your shoes should also be white or ivory. If you want to be different by opting for a coloured wedding dress like pink, make sure the shoes matchby going for the same colour slightly lighter or darker shade. Get shoes that fit you perfectly because comfort is important as it’s going to be a long day.

Never pick a shoe you don’t have feelings for. It should be something you love very much and is dear to your heart. Your beautiful wedding shoes merged with pretty looking and properly pedicured nails is the key to having that irresistible lower region of your body. What about the groom? What can he doe to live up to the brides high standards?


If the wedding is very formal the best thing to do is to get a black shoe that will go with the tuxedo. You should also know that this is not the time to stick hard to your personal style. Try out modern shoes and experiment with shapes. Casual weddings will give you less headache on choice. You and the bride can even decide to get into the same type of sneakers if that’s what you’re in to.

As a man, you should also consider the importance of colour. While the traditional wedding shoe colour for men is black many people are beginning to experiment with tan, brown and navy. Some stylish grooms have even been seen wearing red shoes to complement the color of their attire. If you want to look impressive the golden rule is to select shoes that are darker than the color of your entire outfit, or as dark as your black suit.

Don’ forget you’ll also be doing some running around too. Make sure that your shoes fit perfectly and allow you to move around without any discomfort. Space in the heel and toe are the best ways to find the perfect shoe fit. Your heel should never slip, while the toes should not touch the front of the shoe. The both of you should look for shoes that can handle the pressure of dancing. Shoes with soft rubber sole or with smooth leather soles are the best options.

Harriet Jones is fashion designer who advises couples on the perfect shoes to wear on their wedding day. She also recommended that they visit Music At Your Service for advice wedding readings and music.