How To Define Your Eyebrows

Define your eyebrows

One questions students often ask me especially when completing our eyelash extensions courses or threading course is “how do you define your eyebrows”.

The answer is simple and you can do this just with just a mascara, its easy and very quick to do! Mascara can be purchased in many different colours so you have lots of choice depending on your hair colour.

All we are going to be doing is filling in any gaps using the mascara leaving you with a clearly defined eyebrow that not only looks great but doesn’t take you ages to achieve. Lets face it ladies, none of us have the time to spend ages on our eyebrows in the morning 🙂

Another questions students ask is “why do gaps in the eyebrow appear” well this is hard to answer 100% as there are a number of reasons and will almost certainly come down to the individule however the most common reason is over tweezing but it could also be because of a scare or even lack of growth in this area. The simple steps below will help you define your eyebrows:

Steps to defining your eyebrows

  1. Using the mascara brush, wipe any excess and be gentle when applying (remember you do not need a lot)
  2. Start from the inner, come up and gently comb through the hairs and you will start to see the mascara fill in the gaps
  3. Work along the eyebrow covering the hair right up to the tip of the eyebrow.
  4. Go back over the areas where you want to fill in more using the same process until you are happy with the result.
  5. Once completed make sure both eyebrows are even, matching and there are no viable gaps.

Defining your eyebrows demonstration

To help I have put together a short video demonstrating how to define your eyebrows which you can see below: