How To Make Your Salon Stand Out On The Street

pure-touch-external-v3-594x269In some areas there is a high concentration of beauty salons, hair dressers and nail bars which means that competition is fierce. With clients relatively loyal and returning to their regular salons and beauty technicians frequently, you need to get yourself noticed by potential clients. To do this, you need to make your salon stand out from the rest. Here are five ways to give your salon curb appeal to really get it noticed.

  1. Make It Clear It’s a Salon – this might sound like an obvious suggestion but many salon owners overlook it. With any shop frontages looking the same nowadays, especially in new build shopping areas, you really do have to make sure that people passing can easily identify it as a salon. You obviously don’t want your clients sitting in the window to ensure people identify it as a salon but you also don’t want to cover the windows with advertising posters as many other types of businesses do, especially corner shops. Choose a few images for the window which clearly display your services and ensure that any window displays, imagery or lighting all cry out ‘salon’.
  2. Use Simple, Easy to Read Signage – although it might be tempting to choose a swirling, glamorous and elegant font for your salon name, this can actually become confusing and not give it the impact that you desperately need. Instead choose a simple, easy to read font and make the sign easy enough to read from a distance and quickly if passing in a car.
  3. Use Advertising Flags – we often get enquiries from salon owners about whether balloons are an effective marketing strategy for a new salon opening or special event. Our answer is that balloons can look a little unprofessional, more kids party than elegant beauty services. You can make more of an impact with flags. Tall, narrow flags in a bright colour will really catch the eye and you can get them branded with your salon name or your services, which is a more effective approach.
  4. Get a Sandwich Board – you shouldn’t assume that potential clients will look up to the salon front or in your window to read your salon name or any services you offer. In fact, when people are walking, especially when they are in a hurry, they tend to look downwards. This is where a sandwich board can have a great appeal – use it to advertise that you’re open, your services or any special offers. However remember they people will only glance so the optimum number of words is just five or six.
  5. Have a Striking Colour Scheme – the easiest way to get your salon noticed, is to use a striking colour scheme on your signage and around the rest of your premises. However ensure that the colour you choose isn’t garish as this could actually put people off visiting your salon.