Team Biography – Amanda Buckland


Each month we are introducing you to a member of the team at Next Step Beauty so you know the people who make the business tick. Maybe even learn a little bit about the people you have been speaking to and put a face to the name! This month we caught up with Amanda Buckland from our head office team. Amanda told us a little bit about why she came to work at Next Step and the role she plays in the company.

Why did you join Next Step Beauty?

I have always had a real interest in the beauty industry and was keen to learn more. Having had a number of management positions in several industries, I wanted to join a company that I could progress in and do something I was passionate about. I wanted to feel part of a growing company and an enterprising team and see progression within my career. I saw an advert for Next Step Beauty and after doing some reaserch, saw they are the leaders in nail, beauty and holistic courses and that was it, I just knew it was the right place to be.

When did you join Next Step Beauty?

I have worked within the company for 10 Months but it feels like I have always been part of the team. I love the girlies I work with in the office and we have a great set of trainers on the road too. The culture which has been created within the business is great and we all enjoy socialising together as well as working hard

What does your job role involve?

My role is varied but on a day to day basis i help the management team implement stratagies, develop ideas and work on the future growth of the business . As a small team, I also help the sales and support departments when required, I very much float between different departments and support all the efforts.

Why do you enjoy working for Next Step Beauty?

I really feel like I am valued for my efforts and hard work. Next Step Beauty is a lovely family run business that from day one have welcomed me and made me feel like family (thats the culture they create). It’s a very honest company and all the staff are fantastic. The management team believe in me and have helped me develop personally and professionally, what more could you want!

I really enjoy working and communicating with our students, understanding their goals and ambitions and seeing them prosper after qualification. Building confidence, knowledge and sense of worth is all what Next Step Beauty is about and for me its amazing to see each of our graduates path flourish.

I also have been a student at NSB myself! I attended the complete nail technician, gel Polish and pedicure courses so my passion to help and support fellow students is because I can also relate to them.

What would you like to bring to Next Step Beauty in the future?

Simply put I start each and every day by asking myself, “what can I do today to enhance our students lives” by answering this, the job is simple and whatever can be done is! oh and of course lots and lots of hard work.

Where would you like to see Next Step Beauty in 10 years time?

I would love to see Next Step to continue to be the leader in the field with more courses and locations avaliable throughtout the UK. I would also like to see courses in Ireland and other countries in Europe or maybe even further afield. But we should never trade our students for growth which is why we do what we so today.

What do you like to do? For example whats your favorite sport?

Well my faviorte colour is pink, I love football and my team is arsenal. Food wise I like all types but Indian takeway is always a good choice and my favorite beauty item is without doubt my lip gloss!