Does Your Beauty Salon Need a Website?

bellevue-beauty-website1It is the era of digital with virtually everything being done online. We can make doctors appointments, do our grocery shopping and even connect with friends via the internet. With some companies having websites, the question is whether you need a website for your beauty or nail salon. Here we look at the advantages of disadvantages of having a website so you can decide whether it’s something that you need to pursue.

The Advantages of Having a Website

  • Online presence for search – many people search the internet for services local to them, using either their desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device. By having a website, potential customers would know that you exist, what services you offer and your location.
  • Online booking – if you invested in a website with an online booking system, it would enable your customers to book their appointments online which provides the added convenience of not making a call and being able to schedule an appointment at any time to day, not just when your salon is open.
  • Gain a competitive advantage – with the nail and beauty industry becoming ever-more competitive, an online presence might give you that competitive advantage over other salons in your area. Advising customers of your location and allowing them to book online might offer more flexibility than other salons, thus you’ll be chosen for their next nail treatment.

The Disadvantages of Having a Website

  • There are costs associated with having a website. You will need to pay for a domain (web address), pay for your website to be hosted and pay for it to be designed in most instances. There may also be ongoing maintenance costs incurred too.
  • The loss of personal engagement – many customers like the personal touch of ringing a salon for an appointment and actually speaking to them about a treatment. Some customers might be put off if you used your website to replace your personal engagement.
  • No direct sales – when you interact with a customer personally or over the phone, you have the opportunity to discuss their needs with them and inform them of the right treatment or offer added treatments or services that might suit them. This identifying of individual customer needs may be lost when you launch a website, resulting in a loss of sales or customers coming in for a treatment not specifically suitable for their needs.

Whether you decide to have your own website or not is a choice you need to make specifically for your business and the needs of your customers but if you decide not to get your salon a website, it is vital that you have some online presence, if only at a directory such as to enable potential customers to find you.

If you are looking for a website for your salon we recommend contacting the Website Design Centre