Boost Your Income – Get a Nail or Beauty Qualification

We all know how tough times are at the moment and that making that little extra money can really help! One industry which is booming is health and beauty! Over the past few years this sector has seen as steady growth as people looks to find ways to make themselves feel better. If you are looking to make some extra money then getting involved in the nail or beauty industry is the perfect way! For example, one set of nail extensions can earn you up to £40, not bad at all for a hour and a half’s work!

How much do we spend on nails and beauty?

There are 340 million client visits across the industry each year (six per person per year), with the average household spend on services of £161. The average salon turnover is £88,000 and the average outlay on training each staff member is £1,250 for large salons, £740 for medium salons and £571 for small salons.

Why is the industry booming?

Habia, the Government-appointed standards-setting body for the hair, beauty and spa industry reported that is was factored by:

Consumer trends: the influence of fashion and the desire to look younger means more clients are using beauty salons, nail technicians and products then ever. This continues to grow!

Ageing population in the UK: increases the need to cater for a wider age range of clients, but will also pose a threat through the reduction in the number of young people entering the workforce, made more severe by the higher proportion encouraged to stay on into higher education.

How can I get involved?

Our complete nail technicians course is the perfect places to start and incorporates all our courses (manicure, fiberglass and silk, UV Gel as well as acrylic nails) in one 5 day course!

Once qualified you will be awarded with a diploma allowing you to gain insurance and secure a profitable future as a Nail Tech.