Clever Salon Storage Ideas

polish display standAlthough you may dream of a large, well-lit, elegantly finished salon with plenty of room for a waiting area, treatment room and a dedicated store room for all those supplies, in reality you might not have as much space as you had hoped for. It is therefore vital to ensure that you maintain a clutter-free environment in your salon. We’ve put together some helpful tips for keeping organised and ensuring that everything has its place.

Nail Polish Display Stands
As a professional nail technician, you are likely to have hundreds of shades of nail colour to hand, allowing you to create any design that your clients might want. Nail polishes are actually quite difficult to display, especially as you have to keep them upright and out of direct sunlight. One solution is to invest in a proper nail polish display stand. These are usually tiered to allow your clients, and you, to see each individual colour. With a compact base, a nail polish display stand will also be effective in terms of space too.

Discrete Drawers
When researching storage ideas, we came across a tip from a nail technician which we thought was really clever. This lady hired a space in a local hair dressing salon and as she was only allowed to use her chair space, she decided to have a custom chair built. Essentially it was a free-standing chair with a wooden base built around the bottom. Around the base were a number of discrete pull-out drawers which housed all her supplies, business cards and much more. A great solution to having everything to hand without it looking messy.

Covered Shelving
The easiest way to keep everything looking tidy is to hide away shelving. This is reasonably quick and easy to do and ensures that all your tools, supplies and over-stocks are all kept neatly hidden away. Simply utilise existing shelves or hang new ones. Then put a curtain track around the top of the top shelf, use some fashionable fabric to make curtains and hang on the rail as you would window curtains. These will ensure that you are still easily able to access everything you need whilst keeping everything nicely covered too.

Whatever your storage solution, at home or in the salon, make sure you utilise them well to provide your clients with a clean, de-cluttered look that will help them to relax.