How to Create that Salon Experience

Been a mobile beauty therapist or nail technician can be a very rewarding and interesting career however often some clients still feel they miss out on that “salon” experience, so its important when providing your treatments you create a relaxing and professional service for all clients. In order to do been prepared and organised is essential to give the best service possible. Here are a few ideas to help you along the way.

Nails- When going to clients home you may often naturally presume they have a dining room table or any table to work across. Don’t ever presume; always check with your clients what the setup of their home is like, to be safe I would always have a table you can use, even if it’s in your car. Mobile nail tech tables are great, they fold up and are easily portable or simply buy a fold up table, little fold up tv tables are brill, nice and cheap as well. If you do however use your client’s dining table, make sure you take plenty of towels or a sheet to protect their table, last thing you want to do is ruin their expensive table! Also think of seating, if your client doesn’t have a table they may not have a chair to sit on, always carry a fold up stool if possible that way your client can always sit on their sofa, with the fold up table in front and you on your stool!

Massage- Portable massage tables are perfect; make sure you get a table that is adjustable to protect your posture and one if a hole for your client’s face, more relaxing for your clients whilst they have their back massage. Make sure your client unwinds, ask them to turn their phones off, no tv and take a portable music system with you, I carry a portable, battery powered ideck, and play a mixture of relaxing music, perfect to create the salon environment.

Facials- Ensure you have good quality products, have plenty of towels to keep your client warm and relaxed. To give that salon experience for your client hot mitts are essential, towel warmers or hot cabi units are available for £60 up to £200 depending on side however if money is tight when you first set up rice steamers do the same job for a bit cheaper!

One thing I always carry with me is lots of towels, cotton wool, a plug extension and change!!!