Dec the Salon with Bells of Holly

salon decsMany shops, businesses and public services decorate their buildings for the festive period but is it the right thing to do for your salon? In order to decide, you need to ask yourself these key questions:

1)      What religion predominantly are your customers? Although Christmas is a Christian holiday, it has also become a commercial holiday. However not everyone celebrates Christmas. If you have a predominantly Jewish clientele then putting up Christmas decorations in your salon might actually irritate them as Christmas is not a holiday they celebrate. Jehovah’s Witnesses and many other religions also don’t celebrate Christmas so consider this when looking to decorate your salon.

2)      What are you trying to achieve? Consider what you are trying to achieve by decorating your salon. Ideally you should be looking to create that relaxed, friendly, festive atmosphere in your salon so consider this when buying decorations.

3)      What look are you after? Are you after a grotto-style winter wonderland, a more subtle sophisticated parlour or something in between? Once you have considered this, it will influence the style and the quantity of the decorations you buy.

4)      How much can you afford to spend? Budget is a significant factor when considering decorating your salon for Christmas. Unlike marketing and promotional activities which have the potential to pull in new customers and retain custom, Christmas decorations are unlikely to correlate to more sales so you need to determine if you can afford to buy them and how much extra money you have available to buy them.

5)      Do you have the time to add decorations? Your time and how you spend it is an important consideration. You need to consider the time it takes you to source the decorations as well as the time to put them up and take them down again in the New Year. Is it worth your time without reaping direct sales benefits in return?

Once you have answered the above questions, you should have a clearer idea about whether decorating your salon for Christmas is a good idea or not.