Fashionable Jewellery For 2013

If you spend enough time looking then you will notice that fashion and trends tend to go around in a big circle. Sooner or later what was once in fashion yesterday will have its day again and become fashionable once more. So what jewellery is in fashion in 2013? Well that all depends on whom you listen to. Lots of different fashion designers and houses have their own view as to what is chic and cool. Some of these are very similar, and some of them are unique in taste. So here we have listed some of the fashion which is being flaunted on the catwalks across the world at present.

The Antique Look

In Sydney, antique watches are all the rage at present, and this is complimented by the current trend in jewellery as well. The Victorian look is currently trending with ornate scrollwork and tasteful decor. A tasteful piece of antique jewellery is almost timeless as can be worn for pretty much any occasion from picking the kids up at school to having a romantic meal for two with your other half. If you are going to invest in a genuine antique then you may also be hard pressed to find quality of craftsmanship to surpass it when comparing it to some of the more modern pieces on offer.

Art Deco is back!

We are also noticing a throwback to the Art Deco designs from the early 1920’s and 1930’s. The thing which makes this style stand out from all of the rest is its mixture of geometric design coupled with the celebration of nature. This means you tend to see a lot of flowers and plants incorporated into the design of the jewellery. Art Deco is not everybody’s cup of tea, but since its inception there has always been a market for it so there must be something to it!

Neon Jewellery

Something which reared its head in 2012 and is continuing to manifest itself in the jewellery on offer is Neon Jewellery. Maybe this is a way of getting attention with using less precious stones I am not sure. But there is one thing for sure, with some of the Neon Jewellery available, you will most definitely stand out and make an impression on the people around you.

Rose Gold

White and Yellow gold are always in fashion, and you can see plenty of it on the runways and catwalks all over the world. Every now and then though we do see the return of the distinct Rose Gold, which is a lot darker in appearance. This tends to give the jewellery a more refined and dated look, making pieces appear a bit like antiques. If you have not got any Rose Gold then go out and buy some as this type o gold is always coming in and out of fashion.

Oversized Links

Something which is making a trend this year, and not just with want to be Rap stars, is oversized metal link chains. The chains are appearing out of both gold and silver and can if used correctly and sparingly, really set off and compliment an outfit. Just make sure that the chain does not distract from what else you are wearing too much though.

Oversized Watches

Along with the oversized metal chains we are also seeing a trend for women to wear oversized watches as well. These are coming in a range of styles and also colours, but one thing is for sure, you most likely will not need your glasses to read the time with some of the size of the models available. Some of them are very reminiscent to Flavor Flav back in his heyday!

A bit of Punk

The famous style from the 70’s and 80’s is making a comeback with spikes being very popular with the jewellery that is currently available. The spike mixed with the new fashion which is donning all of the pressed studs gives it a very retro feel. I am sure this is too main stream for the Sex Pistols though, but it is still a way to be a glamorous punk star!


If there is one animal influence which is making a huge impact on the jewellery world, it is the snake. There are lots of tasteful and also ornate pieces of jewellery from delicate necklaces to beautiful bangles. The snake is definitely a big seller in 2013 which is most likely influenced heavily by this being the Chinese Year of the Snake.

Misty Angel wrote this article for Kalmar Antiques, which offers vintage rolex watches. Misty is a keen jewellery enthusiast, and she also like to write articles and blogs to share her opinions.