How to Avoid Client Dissatisfaction

client disatisfactionAvoiding client dissatisfaction in your Beauty Salon

Some dissatisfied clients will voice their dissatisfaction; others will remain silent and simply not return to the salon, loosing you future business and potentially damaging your company name. This situation can often be prevented through good customer care and an effective communication system.

Here are my top 5 tips for avoiding client dissatisfaction in the salon:

  • Always ensure that the client has a thorough consultation before any new service. The consultation is an important part of treating your client and allows you to gain valuable health information as well as information on the expectations of the client, what they want from the treatment and even what they need. With this information you are more likely to be able to complete the treatment and satisfy the client.
  • Regularly check the client’s satisfaction. If there is any concern, it is possible to make any changes throughout the service, for example, during a manicure. Waiting to the end of the treatment before asking is crazy, but i see it all the time. I will continuously (within reason) check with the client throughout the treatment to ensure they are comfortable and happy with this course in which the treatment is taking place.
  • Inform the client of nay disruption to service – do not leave them wondering what the problem may be. Politely inform them of the situation, for example ‘I’m sorry but we are running ten minutes late – are you able to wait?’ if your salon has facilities, you may offer them a drink. Effective communication will mean the difference between a client who is fully aware of what is going on and one sitting around just waiting not know why the treatment is late and if it is going to start at all!
  • Inconvenience caused by disruption to service can usually be compensated in some way. It is important to resolve problems and keep clients satisfied. Do EVERYTHING you can to turn the bad situation into a good one. After all its your fault your late, not the customers. If the customer leaves the salon and never returns thats wasted future profits!

Customer care is vital: clients provide the salon’s income and your wages. The success of the business depends upon satisfied clients.

I hope this article has helped in someway but as always if you need any further help, why not comment at the bottom of the page and I will come back to you 🙂