How Important is Facebook to Your Beauty Business?

You might use Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites for personal use, keeping in touch with your friends, keeping up to date with news, sales and other bits and pieces but do sites such as Facebook have any business benefits for the beauty industry? In this blog we take a look at some of the potential benefits of using Facebook for your business.


Building an Audience

The first way in which using Facebook can be of benefit is that it can help you to build a following by posting topical, relevant information. If you post about new beauty trends and techniques, it is likely that you will gain a name for yourself with bloggers and other social media experts in the beauty industry following you. In turn, this increases your Facebook reach and gets your beauty salon’s name out there. Anyone looking for a salon or relevant products in their area will then follow you and you might even gain custom from it. However building an audience is not that easy and it requires a lot of work to ensure you ‘like’ other relevant pages and only post things that are topical – no one wants to know what you had for breakfast or what you’re watching on TV.

Gaining the Competitive Advantage
Another way in which Facebook and other social media channels can be effective is by allowing you to see what other salons, both locally, nationally and even internationally are doing. You will be able to see what special deals or promotions they are doing along with getting an insight into the sort of posts they are making on Faceboook. This can be especially advantageous when it comes to finding and sharing relevant, topical information and trends.

Keeping Your Customers Up To Date
Facebook is also a great, and free, way to keep your clients up to date with your latest news, special offers and promotions. This will help build repeat custom. By posting, relevant, topical information, you will also be able to stay ‘front of mind’ so when they’re thinking of getting their hair or nails done, they will immediately book with your salon.

It can be easy to get off-topic on Facebook and this actually dilutes your message. In order to get the most out of it for your salon, make sure you stay topical and produce engaging posts that people will want to interact with. Posts which start or end with a question are the most engaging, even if it’s a rhetorical question.