The Latest Nail Trends

Fashion week isn’t just a chance for designers to flaunt their extravagant and beautiful designs to be later dwindled down into the high street fashion trends we love, it’s also a good insight into the top trending nail styles, and the upcoming best sellers for the new year or season.

Which is why paying close attention to those perfectly manicured tips of each model in the shows is just as important as noticing the colour schemes and accessories!

So, collating to the themes and styles found at the year’s latest catwalks, here are the latest trends in nail art and colours:

nail-trends-1Harpers Bazaar

Smooth oval shapes

First things first, shapes are still varied throughout the cat walks – with curved shapes taking centre stage. The latest shapes for nails are Oval, Long Almond and Squared Oval (Squoval) so a more natural shaping of the nails is set to be popular over the upcoming season

Monochrome and Sparkle

As for colours, we’re looking for witchcraft! Sparkly metallic, super dark shades, shimmering silvers are all in line to decorate our nails for a sophisticated and grungey style – which is great for anyone with a busy schedule, as darker shades tend to be a lot easier to maintain and top up!

As for glitter? We’re excited to see the latest splodge free polishes available on the market…

Other than dark shades and grey scales, of course a little colour never hurt. Soft blush pinks seem to always be on trend, and this year is no different. Whether you’re opting for a pale pink and nude style to give your nails that extra smooth finish, or are looking for a little more colour in a blush and rose gold pink, the colour is proving to be a timeless favourite around the world.

Alternative Manicures

nail-trends-3Cagel Nail Art Salon

When it comes to making your new manicure really stand out, there are a tonne of alternative styles to look out for. From two tone, to glitter treatments, there’s something a little more exciting this year than the classic and ever-elegant French manicure!

Finally cuticles are having their time to shine too, with glitter lines incorporating the smooth shaping of the cuticle and leaving them to do the talking for once!

Nail Art

nail-trends-4Good Housekeeping

Nail art is a whole new world that’s only in its early days of exploration, and with the catwalks proving that subtlety doesn’t have to be your strong point, there’s rhinestone embellishments, graphic patterns and strict lines coming into play.

These quirky styles are ideal for making a statement and practising your own looks at home. Develop your skills in nail art and find a good selection of tools to help you along the way.

So whilst you’re hoping to get an easy ride this season, you best start thinking differently as this term, we’re seeing a whole new range of styles and techniques within the nail world. And finding your edge in the beautifully coloured community will be successful for creating your own unique statement.