Mobile Beauty in 5 Easy Steps

Congratulations you are now a qualified Nail technician/therapist, but what’s that I hear? … “What do I do now”? This is one of the questions I get asked the most by my students so I have put together a simple step by step guide on all you need to know to set up your new mobile venture.

Step 1: Insurance

This is very important and must be set up before you carry out your first treatment on a client. Next Step Beauty have partnered with Balens to offer beauty therapist insurance and nail technician insurance. Its really easy to get insured so make sure you do!

Below is what your insurance will cover you against:

Public liability cover – This covers you against financial damages and legal expences which are a result of death, inury or damage to property suffered by any member of the general public and caused by your business.

Professional treatment liability and product liability cover – This covers you against any claims for damage or injury caused by the treatments you carry out and the products you supply.

Stock and equipment in transit – This covers you against damage or loss of any of your stock or equipment anywhere in the UK. This does not cover you for theft from an unattended car.

On top of your beauty insurance you will also need to contact your car insurance company to let them know you are using your car for business purposes. This will alter your costs but is important to make sure you are fully covered whilst working.

Step 2: Register as Self employed

You will need to contact the HM Revenue and customs to register as self employed, giving them the details of your business. There is a very useful helpline allowing you to register for National insurance, tax and VAT. They can also arrange for you to attend a FREE workshop with a business support team that can teach you all you need to know on managing your business accounts and needs. We also recommend speaking with a professional as soon as possible. Next Step have partnered with Farnell Clarke who are offering students exceptional rates on accountancy services. For more details call them on 01603 766 078 or visit

Step 3: Market research

It is important that you have a good look around your area to find your competition. Find out what treatments they are offering and what prices they are charging. Try to offer something different to your competition to help you stand out. Use their prices as a guideline. Try not to dive in undercutting everyone as you need to bare in mind your profit too and also sometimes things that are unusually ‘cheap’ can be off putting. Keep your prices realistic, if they are too high you will knock yourself out of the running.

Step 4: Equipment

Equipment is key as a mobile therapist. Firstly remember you are offering a mobile beauty salon experience, without any equipment you are just mobile beauty. You want to be as professional as possible to build up that client base and again to stand out from the rest. Doing a clients nails at their dining table or over an ironing board does not scream PROFESSIONAL. It is also very difficult to carry out good treatments if you are not comfortable yourself. There is some brilliant mobile equipment out there now and the cost doesn’t have to break the bank! Your key items are massage tables, manicure tables and trolleys for your products. A nice extra for those of you offering foot treatments are mobile pedicure stations.

Step 5: Safety

I can not stress enough how important this is! As a mobile therapist you will be travelling to a lot of areas you do not know, and to peoples houses that you have never met before. Make sure that at all times somebody knows where you will be, whether it be a friend, parent or your other half. Let that person know when you arrive and what time you will be leaving. Let them know again when you are leaving that clients house. If they know what time you should be finished and they have not heard from you they will know to ring and check on you. As you build your client base and you get your regulars this becomes less of an issue but always think of your safety!

If you follow these 5 simple steps your business will be up and running in no time. Who knows you could be the next big thing out there?! If you have followed these steps and you are ready to find more clients then follow on to my next blog Building your client base.