Nail products to choose when starting your beauty business

As we’ve already mentioned in a previous blog post, starting with a low budget will not give you the chance to blow a fortune on your business’s products at the very beginning. Whilst you’ll need to be fully equipped, paying high prices for designer brands will often lead to profit loses and will limit the range of colours and styles available for your clients.

There are plenty of great product brands to use when providing your first clients with nail treatments, and with any profits, you can choose to add a few more higher-market items.

Other than the obvious equipment you’ll need for beginning your beauty business – such as appointment books, UV lamps for gels, etc – you’ll have to think about what brands to use, and what each can offer you for your budget.


OPI Nail lacquer is a great brand for starting up your nail bar. Offering hundreds of colours, there’s no need to shop around for a variety of brands of different colours – ultimately making your branding look a little mis-match and unprofessional.

Easy to use and apply, the products have a simple and sleek design which can be stored on decorative, showcase shelves and are highly ‘grammable for your followers.



Gelish offer fun colours and playful textures for their gel nail polish, and are a well-known brand for what they do! Using a UV or LED lamp to cure, these perfect polishes can last up to three weeks, so are perfect at marketing at any one with a busy schedule or about to going on holiday.

This brand is a great one for any nail solution products you might need. Sleek in style and simple in design, the brand is a well-known branding for the nail and beauty industry – setting trends for other nails and manicure brands.

The Edge

The Edge are a quirky and contemporary range of nail polishes and additional things like powders to create nail art and styles for any of your outgoing clients. Edge can also provide a number of tools like silicon art pens and tools for creating a number of looks and patterns on nails for special occasions like Christmas, holidays or characters!

Of course, one of the most popular treatments that clients will have heard of is Shellac, so finding the best and affordable deals on shellac polishes – such as though be CND will help attract customers to your salon, and give you a trusted reputation as someone providing good service with quality products.

To bulk buy items to start up your nail palace, you could go directly to physical shops to see what they have to offer at bundle deals.

But, with the popularity of beauty salons and the high demand for their stock updating, there are plenty of websites – such as Nail Polish Direct – where you can buy all your polishes and equipment in one fellow purchase.