Why You Need an Accredited Beauty Course

When finding the right beauty course to meet your needs and help you in your career as a beauty therapist, or even starting your own beauty business, it’s important to go for a course that is Accredited.

Like in any industry, you’ll need an accredited course to be taken seriously in your field, and without this vital qualification you’ll find it tricky to progress in your job role.

Many training courses will be automatically accredited, but asking the question is important in order to help you make your choice in which course to take part in. Courses can be a term long, or up to 2 years, which is a lot of time to study for something that then doesn’t get you where you want to be.

But if you’re not fully sure on the differences, and how an accredited course will benefit you, here are a few reasons to help you understand:



Salons and spas will require you to have specific qualifications in order to work for them, and having an accredited course qualification from a well-known academy or college will help boost your credibility in the industry.

An accredited course is a sure sign that your training has been up to the industry standard, and could speed up your search when finding employment. Salons and anyone in the beauty industry will be updated with a list of all accredited courses available, and by having yours on the list; they’ll be more trusting of your capabilities to fit well into the team.


If you’re looking to start you own beauty business, showing the insurance companies the qualifications from an accredited course, will help them understand your professional approach to the business and practising on members of the public, and can help keep insurances costs down.

There are so many places and specialist companies in the beauty industry, it would be a shame to jeopardise your chances to join them by choosing the wrong training.

Quickest Route to the Industry

In order to start your career faster, you’ll need to find an accredited course that will provide all the training you need to get started, as well as helping you find the best insurance. By choosing an unaccredited course, you’ll later find yourself having to find more training which will inevitably slow the process of employment for you.

By opting for an accredited course, you’ll have a smaller group of trainees and can work the training around your own flexible schedule. The most popular route however if you’re looking to study beauty therapy after school, is through an NVQ qualification or equivalent that is nationally recognised.

When it comes to employment, you’ll find that requirements tend to include an NVQ or equivalent that’s accredited.


So with three major advantages to an accredited course, is there more to say? If you’re looking for the fastest and safest way to start your career, covered by the right insurance, with a great starting reputation, there really is no other option.