Pregnancy Tips for Beauty Therapists

As professional beauty therapists, we are always identifying treatments which could pose risks to pregnant clients but there is not a great deal of useful information for therapists when they fall pregnant. So what are the risks to you as a pregnant beauty therapists and whats your rights in the workplace?

We are often asked for advice when it comes to beauty therapist being pregnant. There are certain risks for beauty therapists working in the industry whilst pregnant and below we outline a few recommendations:

  1. Keep physically demanding treatments to a minimum. Treatments like body massage
  2. Make sure you take regular breaks throughout the day. You should ensure you take your lunch break and try to arrange for 15 minute breaks between clients.
  3. The room you are working in should be well ventilated.
  4. Avoid the use of some essential oils (like rose and jasmine) and take advice from your doctor. Also check the manufacturers material safety data sheets for information on the safe use during pragnancy.
  5. Remember your feel differently as your pregnancy progresses so be sure to listen to your body.
  6. Talk to your employer. If you working in a salon, talk to your employer about your concerns!

To help you here are a few resources: