How to Start Earning After Your Nail Course

When you do the Complete Nail Technicians course with Next Step, not only is it our mission to turn you into highly skilled nail technicians but it is also our aim to turn you into business women/ men. Most of you taking our course want to either run your own mobile or home business or open your own salon and I believe that you should start thinking business like straight away.

The cost of courses and kits may seem expensive and you always start any business spending more money at the beginning so why not start making money back.

I always put this into my lectures and see my students making notes so I thought I would put it into a blog to share with you all 🙂

1. Now first off you can’t charge clients without insurance! Insurance is a very important step in this industry and it helps protect and cover you for anything as small as accidentally getting glue on your clients dining room table to the rare and extreme cases of causing allergic reactions …… ( remember that client consultation is a must guys!!! ) You can get student insurance with us for just £19! Amazing 🙂 the link to that is on our next step homepage.

Once you have your student insurance you are now able to charge a small amount to your clients. You can’t expect your clients to pay full whack for nails during your training but you can charge them to cover time and product cost. And if you are charging any amount you have to make sure that the nails you produce are good enough for your client to be willing to pay for them…… And nails that I will be proud of you producing :).

I always say to my students £10 per full set (any system) and £5 per manicure is the average price. You could charge your clients £8 and you get to choose what system that you would feel would benefit them more or £10 if they know what system they want (most of my students tell me that when they charge £8 they always get told to keep the change….. Bonus!! )

Once you have done their nails…. Firstly take a picture for your portfolio then take the money and put it into a jar….. Trust me guys it will make sense in a moment 🙂
With every set of nails you do, that jar will be getting fuller and fuller which will not only be earning you money but will also help you grown in confidence knowing you are starting to become business like.

When it comes to your review day you should be skilled and confident enough to pass :). That afternoon, go home and open that jar……
You can either do 1 of 3 things……

1 – Use that money to take your loved one/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner out….. Not many people do that 😉
2 – Take your loyal clients out for celebratory drinks to thank them for helping you pass….. Some people do that….. Or
3 – Use that money to put towards more kit, new courses, treat yourself to something ……. A pair of shoes, a new outfit…… You earned it so why not!!!!

Once you have passed you can upgrade your insurance to the full insurance and charge your clients that little bit extra as you are now a fully qualified nail tech 🙂 and if your clients are already used to paying you for their nails it won’t feel too much of a expense for them.

If you think about it, in your portfolio you have to do a minimum of 4 manicures and 12 sets of extensions all together so in your training period alone you could earn at least £140!! 🙂 now that makes your training period a lot more worth while :).

Remember though guys that if you are earning money from this even while training…. Let your tax office know in case you earn over you yearly allowance 🙂