The Key Factors That Affect Client Salon Choice

salon choiceNails Magazine recently undertook a poll of clients who regularly frequent salons to determine the key factors that make them choose that salon above others in the same area. The results were really interesting, and not to mention surprising so we thought that you’d like to know the main factors why clients choose a particular salon.

Massage Is Important
Those clients who were asked why they chose a particular salon for a manicure or pedicure reported that one of the key factors in their choice was the massage service offered. Those salons that include a massage as part of their service tend to attract clients more than those who don’t offer massage or have an additional charge for this service. Clients like long, thorough massages as part of the service.

Many clients stated that technique is very important when it comes to frequenting a particular salon for treatments. Those looking for gel nails wanted a neat finish, especially around the cuticles whilst those who have manicures wanted a professional, long lasting finish.

Consistent Service
Most customers mentioned that the reason they re-visit a salon time and time again is for consistency. They want to have the same service and the same end result each and every time they book in. This usually means that they want the same nail technician or beauty therapist too.

 A Personalised Service
Also high on the agenda was a personalised service. Most clients are very particular about the result they want to achieve, whether it’s the colour of the polish for a special occasion or the width of the white in a French manicure. Over time, their nail technicians get to know what they like and adapt a technique to suit the client.

The overall cleanliness and hygiene of the salon is important for clients when choosing a salon too. They look for salons with a clean and simple finish with clean floors, no dust and above anything else, clean and professional looking staff members.

By ensuring that you cover all of the above tips, whether in your salon or as part of your mobile service, you will have clients coming back time and time again.