Top tips for creating yourself a home salon


Beauty by Alex

If you don’t want the extra costs of hiring out a venue, consider hosting your beauty room at home.

To do this, you’ll still need an area that is relaxing and professional, rather than inviting clients to sit in your living room whilst you make them a coffee….


Before decorating your little brother’s room and telling him to empty his stuff out, look at the local permits and licences you’ll need for working as a business from your own home. You’ll also need to declare yourself as self-employed so you are made aware of how to deal with your own taxes.


Home ware stores are evil, and have every intention of persuading you to buy absolutely everything they have to offer you. Setting out a budget will help reduce the urge to suddenly burst out your interior design skills; spending thousands on mirrors and furniture for your home salon.

At the end of the day, the space needs to be accessible with plenty of room for products and treatment areas. It’s nice to have room for everything to be out all at once so you don’t have to set up the room each time a client comes for a different treatment.

Therefore, in home ware stores you’re really looking for a few decorative items and plenty of co-ordinating storage that’ll help hide away your products and keep the place clean and tidy.



The area where your clients wait for treatments, or receive treatments will need to make them feel relaxed. The space needs to be sophisticated and elegant so that the whole experience really feels like a treat.

Using florals and set pastel colour schemes will keep the space looking and feeling fresh and spacious, whilst a few scented candles will calm anyone around.


A home based salon made be a great idea if you’re right in the centre of a town or city. But living in the midst of the country side, or outskirts of a metropolis might reduce your chances of broadening your clientele.

Before starting to build your venue, you really need to consider how this will affect your business and whether you think customers will be willing to travel in order to use your services.

If you’re still set on a home based venue, where will guests access your salon? Do you want people knocking on the door every time they arrive – only for you to have to stop with your current appointment to answer the door? Can you rely on family members to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere if they answer the door and let them inside? Perhaps you don’t want clients in your own space.

If this is the case, you may want to direct them to a particular door, or look into building a bottom floor salon with a door for itself so that your work space and living space can be entirely separate. That way clients are also able to let themselves in without feeling rude or displaced.