Training, Working or Running a Salon as a Single Mum

Some of the people we train on our comprehensive nail courses are single mums and despite the added complications of being a responsible parent, they not only complete their training but go on to work in and sometimes even run their own salons. Here are some tips about training, working or running a salon with children in tow:


Financial Resources
For many single parents, just finding the money to feed and clothe your children might be a daily struggle and re-training might seem like a distant dream. However there are a number of ways that the financial burden can be reduced, making training affordable. Firstly, one of our students was so committed to be a nail technician that she saved a few pounds out of her weekly budget every week until she had enough to be able to afford her training. Other students utilise our payment plan system to pay off their training in instalments – spreading the cost over a longer period of time, making it more affordable in the short run. Once training is complete, many of our single mum students have managed to get their relatives and financial institutions to loan them the money to progress their career or start their own business – with a realistic and well-thought out business plan in place this was much easier than most of our graduates thought.

Probably one of main barriers to re-training or going to work is that of childcare, especially for single mothers. At Next Step Beauty, our courses are designed to be predominantly distance learning and with all the teaching resources online, you can learn from home at your own pace – perfect for those who have childcare issues. Most of our courses only require a day in a practical training environment and if you explain the situation to friend or family, they’re bound to agree to a day looking after the children for you.

Commitment & Dedication
As a single mother, desperately wanting to become a nail technician or salon owner, your own commitment, dedication and determination will drive you to succeed – giving you a great work, mother balance. The path will be difficult and require you to give it your all but it will enable you to work in an industry that you’re passionate about and give yourself and your children a great future.