Why Customer Service is Key in the Salon

When it comes to working in or running a salon, there are many factors to take into consideration. Not only do you have to do your job, whether painting nails, providing treatments or cutting hair, but you also have to take into account some of the more technical aspects of the business world. One of the most important aspects is customer service. Here I’ll tell you a little about why providing good customer service is so important and what happens when customers perceive service as poor.

Good Customer Service

When people are paying for a service, they expect to get great value for money. This doesn’t just mean the actual treatment itself but also the way in which they are treated as both a customer and a person. When customers arrive at the salon, it’s important to greet them and offer them a drink if appropriate. This not only helps to put them at ease but can also be a great way of keeping them occupied, especially if their appointment is going to be a little later than planned. Provide magazines or even sweets to occupy them too. However if there is going to be a wait of more than a few minutes, advise the customer of this and apologise for it.

Image Credit: Nicole Lee

Consultation is also key to providing good customer service. Talk to your customer to determine what it is that they want to achieve from their visit. Is the treatment just routine or for a special occasion? Do they have specific ideas or requirements that need to be taken into account? This not only enables you to provide them with the service and finished result they are after but often leads into a two way interaction which can help support the positive experience.

It’s important to talk with your customers and virtually anything can be discussed but it’s also vital to ensure that you remain professional at all times. Try to avoid making judgements during the conversation and where possible keep your opinions light hearted, after all you don’t want to disagree with or offend the customer.

By providing good customer service, you are more likely to get repeat custom not only from that particular customer but they are likely to tell their friends and family which may result in new customers too.

Poor Customer Service
If a customer doesn’t receive the service they expect from a salon, they are unlikely to return. This means that you will lose their repeat business and it is always more difficult to attract new customers to take their place than  it is to retain existing customers. Customers who perceive the service as poor might not complain to you but they will to their friends or family or even on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. This can lead to negative publicity and result in loss of custom from elsewhere too.

When at work, consider how you like to be treated when at appointments and try to provide your customers with the same consideration.