How to Keep Motivated in the Salon

Whether you work in an office or a salon, staying motivated is important not only for your work but for your health too. With this in mind, I thought I’d share with you some top tips for staying motivated in the salon:

Tip #1: Create A Flexible Routine
It is true that we are creatures of habit but in some cases routine can actually have a negative effect on our creativity and our moods. Try to include a little flexibility in your daily work life. Perhaps instead of going straight to work, stop for a coffee on the way or use your lunch break to get a facial instead of just eating a sandwich as you read a magazine. By changing your routine every now and again, it can give you a new lease of life and help to keep you motivated.


Tip #2: Set Goals
When it comes to working, it’s easy for everyday to become the same which can cause you to lose sight of your long term dreams. Instead of just dealing with every day as it comes, take some time to set yourself some goals. Make sure they are realistic but still stretch you to achieve them. By having something to aim for, it can help to motivate you. And don’t forget to treat yourself when you reach your goals.

Tip #3: Keep Yourself Stimulated Through Learning
Another way to ensure that you stay motivated is to keep yourself active in your chosen field. Stretch your mind by learning new techniques and developing your skills. Take courses, attend lectures, demonstrations, seminars and shows – whatever takes your fancy.

Tip #4: Check out Your Competition
Often to stay motivated, you just need a gentle push in the right direction. This can often be achieved by checking out what your competition is up to. By looking at their website, reading about them in the press or even visiting them, you might be inspired by what you see. Whether you want to offer a similar service or strive to do a better job for your customers, it often helps to just see what everyone else in the industry is up to.

Tip #5: Make Time For Yourself
Staying motivated is particularly difficult if you are busy so take some time out of each day for yourself. Whether it’s simply half an hour to browse a magazine, read a book or catch up with friends, it can make all the difference to your motivation and creativity levels.

By following these top tips, you’ll feel a lot more motivated in the salon.