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Santa Nail Art Tutorial

Victoria caught up with a Next Step Graduate Samantha Fourie who demonstrates a simple sanat nail art design

The difference between the grit of files

In this video Victoria discussed the difference between grit on files

How to create a cheap practice hand

In this video Victoria demonstrates how you can create a cheap practice hand at home! Have a go and dont forget if you have any questions just pop them on t

Gel Polish Nail with a Gem

In this video I show you how to achieve a gel polish colour with a gem! Have a go and dont forget if you have any questions just pop them on the comments below and ill com

Chrome nails brighten up your manicure

Ever wish your nails were made of mirrors so you could check for spinach in your teeth or fix your hair at any given moment? Same. Luckily, chrome nails are a thing and

Whats the Difference Between UV and LED Lamps

Do you know the difference between a UV Lamp and an LED Lamp? In this video, Victoria explains the difference between the 2 types of lamps.

Children in Need Nail Art

The BBC Children in Need Appeal Night takes place every year in November and tonight is the night for 2017. The Appeal show is a whole evening of entertainment on BBC One

Victoria’s Favourite Non Cleanse Top Coats

Victoria discusses her favourite Non cleanse top coats

Top tip for Working with Glitter Powders and Dust

Victoria’s Top tip for working with glitter powders and dust – have you seen the new magpie glitters? If you like the video please share it or comment below if

Make it an Aztec Summer

When it comes to the fashion, it changes every season. In recent summers we have seen gladiator sandals, maxi dresses and the feather inspired bohemian look but this summer there is something much more co

How to find the right treatment prices for your target audience

When creating a price list for your services, there are a number of things you need to think about before finalising prices and opening shop. Location Business for sale You’ll need to take a look at your

Safety Nails: The polish that saves lives Ways to organise polishes

Back in 2014, there was talk of a safety nail polish that would soon hit the streets. The safety element came from the fact that the polish would change colour if it came in contact with date r

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