How to make sure your client gets a full 3 weeks out of your nail extensions

It’s always heart-breaking hearing that a client’s nails haven’t lasted the full length of time that they should do. Here are some simple, easy steps/factors to take into consideration when doing a set of nail extensions on your client:

1 Clients personal life: Your client consultation is not just about medical history and insurance cover but it is also an eye opener into your client’s lifestyle.

Factors to consider in this step are:

  • • How active is your client? – If your client has a heavy handed job or has her hands in and out of water a lot, the length of the extensions she has and the system is very important. The longer the nails the more strength is needed for example.
  • • Does your client want a natural look or French? – If your client is after a natural look then you can select a more thin and natural system (also depending on how active she is).
  • • Is her extensions for a special occasion or is it a more permanent look she wants? – If it’s a more permanent you need to advise practicality to start as she begins to adjust and get used to her nails, (too long to begin with may be awkward for her and may put her off).

2 System of enhancement application: We all know that acrylic is the strongest of systems but also silk gives a natural ‘wouldn’t even know it’s there’ look. Take your client consultation as a guide line and, advice what you think would be best for your client. Remember the longer the extension, the stronger the system to protect the ‘stress point’ you will need. And if your client wants a long extension but loves the shine of the gel, then you can always use a uv topcoat to give the desired look while still getting the full longevity for your client.

3 Nail prep: Prepping the nail is key to get full longevity of enhancements. The cuticles need to be pushed back fully so there is nothing on the nail plate that could act as a barrier. Removing the surface shine needs to be done properly for the enhancements to adhere well to the nail plate and all trace oils need to be fully removed? Preparation is very important!

4 Aftercare: Finally aftercare is very important. Your client needs to know how to look after her nails properly to get the full 2-3 weeks out of her nails. If she doesn’t follow the aftercare it could cause lifting and breaking of the enhancements and even the natural nail which can lead to long term damage to the natural nail.

All of these factors are vital and will help you get a full 2-3 weeks out of your extensions leading to happy clients and a busier business!