A New Nail Shape for Celebrities

stilleto nailsAt Next Step Beauty, we’re passionate about all things nail related so when we noticed that a number of celebrities were stepping out with a new nail style, we thought we’d better do some investigating.

The Stiletto Nail
As you will probably know, most ‘A’ list celebs are a fan of what are referred to as ‘stiletto nails’. These are very long, usually UV gel or acrylic extensions which have been filed into a drastic point at the end before being painted with most commonly a French manicure or a bold red or pink shade. The stiletto nail has been popular for a number of years and is synonymous with sex appeal and femininity. Celebs renowned for the stiletto nail shape include pop stars Lady Gaga and Rihanna amongst others. But after several years at the top of the nail shape popularity stakes, it would appear they’ve been relegated in favour of a whole new style.

The New Shape
Yet to be officially named, the new celeb nail shape is still long and thin, just like the stiletto nail but instead of having the intense, sharp point it has a more rounded tip. With a soft curve finish, achieving this look is all about the final shaping and filing. This new style is actually a lot more practical than the stiletto nail and manicurist to the stars Kimmie Kyees actually refers to it as the nail shape for ‘typing and texting’. Amongst the celebrities who have recently been seen with this softer yet still elegant nail shape include Nichole Richie and Katy Perry.

How to Do It
As you know, once the celebs have been seen sporting a new nail shape, your clients will be demanding the look too so here’s how to achieve it:

Step 1 – if your client has naturally long nails, apply a nail strengthening product before starting to file their nails. If your client has short nails, they will probably need some sort of nail extensions to get the look.

Step 2 – The next step is to file the sides of the nail. To do this, file parallel to the side of your nail and then angle it toward the nail tip. This will ensure a subtle triangle is created. The trick to ensure you don’t get a lopsided nail is to regularly alternate between sides.

Step 3 – You now need to round the nail tips to get the texting and typing efficient shape. To do this, use a file to round off the tips but ensure you only apply gentle pressure to avoid flattening or squaring off the nail.

Step 4 – Apply colour. Once you have applied the base coat, apply an intense, dark colour like burgundy, deep purple, concrete grey or black to the nails to get the latest season look.

Instead of waiting for your clients to come asking for the new nail style, why not suggest it to those who usually favour the stiletto look.