Christmas Nail Art – A Quick Design

Now I know all you nail technicians love a little nail art and with the busy Christmas season upon us I wanted to show you a quick Christmas nail art design that my clients absolutley love. The best bit is its so easy to do and looks stunning! Ideal for Christmas parties and is a great way so stand out front he crowd. Its simple but mega effective!

Here are the simple steps for the Christmas Nail Art Design:

  1.  The first step is to paint the nail red using a normal polish, then allow to dry prior. Make sure the nail is 100% dry before moving onto the next steps
  2. Now take a base coat and apply to the nail where you want the glitter to sit. I like to take a diagonal from one of the corners but you could add this anywhere you like. Brush the base coat on which will act as a glue to allow the glitter to stick on the next step. It can be hard to see the base coat as it is going on but try to get it as even as possible.
  3. Now take a pot of glitter and dip the nail into the pot (make sure you use some tissue as this can be a little messy) Once you have dipped the nail in the glitter, tap away and excess and repeat this process until you have a good coverage. If you prefer you can sprinkle the glitter but i find it better to dip it into the pot. Once you are happy with the coverage place the pot out of the way (I don’t know how many times I have knocked it over and let me tell you it makes a mess!)
  4. Give the nail a few minutes to dry and once you are ready use a black striping pen to define the line between the nail and the glitter. Add the stripe across the diagonal making sure not to make the line to thick.
  5. Once the nail is dry, seal with two layers of top coat and you are ready.
I hope you enjoy making your Christmas Nail Art with this design. Check out my video below to see these steps in action: